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Hey there! I’m Andrew, 10 year in the making designer and Master of European Design from Glasgow School of Art. I have the head of an entrepreneur and the heart of a coach. I love to help people who are a bit lost in life make profound self-discoveries through design and facilitation. I get incredibly excited when I observe people touching their passion and purpose and so I want to be the catalyst to help more folks to get to that place. A world of energised, empowered and intrinsically driven people is the vision, no half measures!


Hi folks, I’m Scott! My passion for coaching stems from wanting to make a positive difference to people’s lives. In fact, my grand mission is to positively impact the lives of ten million young people worldwide! Big challenge but I’m up for it! In my work as a life coach I’ve been able to work with people of all ages and backgrounds but one thing is common within each of them – they all have challenges in life but equally have amazing potential. What I love about journaling is that it is an incredibly effective way of working through those challenges. The simple process of transferring thoughts about your life and emotions onto a piece of paper creates insights that can change everything. It did for me! That’s why I would encourage everyone to journal no matter your demographic. Along with Andrew and Jess, I look forward to helping you to change your life for the better through journaling.

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