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6 Strategies to Achieve Your Goals in 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s the ideal time to plan how you are going to make 2016 your best year yet and set those goals. We’ve brought together our top tips for doing just that.  Here are 6 great strategies to help you achieve your goals in 2016:

1. Reflect and grow

I daresay, like many, you started 2015 with the intention to make positive changes in your life. Think back on the actions you planned to take. What were your goals for 2015? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to? Did you feel committed to your goals? What have you learnt about yourself and your goals throughout the year? What successes did or could you celebrate? Use all this learning to shape your plans for 2016.

After looking to the past, fast forward and visualise your life in 12 months time. Pretend you are speaking with a friend who you haven’t seen all year – what would you be telling them you have achieved? How are you feeling? How has life changed for you? You can then break that visualisation down into key milestones and baby steps which will establish your road map for 2016. Our article on how to create your dream life will also help with this!


2. Connect with your purpose

When you decide on what you want to change or achieve in life, consider what the purpose is behind those intentions. Why is it important to you? How will your life change? How would that make you feel? What, if anything, would it mean for others around you?

Having worked through those questions, do you feel passionate and committed to making positive changes? For example, getting fit is a common goal but it often takes purpose, such as looking great on holiday, to stick to it. If you lack motivation, take time to consider whether your goals are really right for you. They may just need tweaked, or you may feel that you want to completely re-focus on other areas of your life.


3. Believe in yourself

Often the only thing that gets in the way of us achieving our goals is ourselves. That little voice in our heads that tells us we can’t do something when the reality is that we most definitely can. Recognise that this is just a thought that you can dismiss and let go. We don’t hold on to nightmares and treat them as fact, and thoughts are exactly the same. They’re nothing more than a story we’re telling ourselves.


4. Be around positive influences

Jim Rohn said, “you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Whether you agree or not, from personal experience I know how motivating it can be to spend time with people who are like-minded, positive and want to help you succeed. When you are fighting your way through difficult challenges in life, you need to have the right people by your side.  Hal Elrod, author of ‘The Miracle Morning’, does a great podcast on this called How to Boost Your Circle of Influence that we recommend checking out. Be around people who encourage and inspire you. Read, watch or listen to something that will motivate you each day, even if it is only for 10 minutes. It will help you to focus on empowering thoughts that will move you forward towards achieving your goals.


5. Be brave and bold

When we create big goals there is usually an element of fear that comes into play. You then have a choice – allow that fear to stop you or not. Recognise that fear is part of the journey; but boy is it a great feeling to take action anyway and overcome those fears! Challenge yourself to be brave and bold, and have faith that you have what it takes to deal with any outcome. You have the power to completely change your life!


6. Be persistent

If you have a goal that is very important to you then persistence will play a major part in you achieving it. I would always encourage people to have goals that mean so much to them that they won’t let anything stand in their way, irrespective of what obstacles they have to face. Thomas Edison has a great quote when talking of his numerous attempts to create the light bulb, “I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. When you think about it, if we weren’t persistent as babies then most of us would still be crawling rather than walking. Now there’s a thought! Be persistent.

We hope you implement these 6 strategies to ensure achieve your goals in 2016.

However, in actual fact, there is a 7th strategy that we would always advocate. Journaling! By journaling around these 6 strategies your self-awareness will grow and you will be able to take action on whatever insights you gain from writing about them.

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