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Fulfil your dreams

In our last article I discussed the importance of having big dreams. Not allowing those who have not fulfilled their own dreams to squash yours.

In this article I’d like to help you explore in more detail how you can create and fulfil your dreams. Working through these questions will help you to identify breakthrough insights. Please do take the time to answer them. Go with your immediate response to the questions. Whatever comes to mind first

Identify your dreams

1. At this moment in time what is your dream? Consider your life as a whole and write down whatever comes to mind first.

2. Is this a brand new dream or one that you have been developing over time? Adaptation can be a good thing as there is no point in single-mindedly pursuing the same dream if it is no longer as important to you.

Move towards making your dream your reality

3. What are you doing to make your dream happen?

4. What, if anything, is holding you back from taking action? What needs to be done, but isn’t being done? What are the reasons for that?

Step out of your comfort zone and into your belief zone

5. Often our greatest successes and achievements come from stepping out of our comfort zone. That usually means going through some discomfort to experience the benefits. Your comfort zone consists of things you have experienced before. However, beyond that, outwith your comfort zone, are the things that you haven’t experienced. Are you prepared to do that in order to achieve your dreams?

This Forbes article may help you to ‘get comfortable with discomfort’.

Life is incredibly precious and our dreams can lead us to a life of happiness and purpose. Surely nothing should prevent you from having that?

I’d really encourage you to step up and challenge yourself. Dream big! Don’t let anyone squash them. Set out what needs to be done. Challenge your limiting beliefs. Move beyond your existing comfort zone. Working through these questions can provide important insights and breakthroughs. Invest that time in yourself.

I would love to get your thoughts on dreaming  big and taking action to achieve your dream life. Please do comment below or join the journaling discussion on our Facebook page.

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