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Dreams – make them your goals!

What do I do if I’m not sure what I want in life? You would be surprised how often I’ve been asked that question. Often the response I give isn’t what they were expecting. Your dreams hold the answer!

More often than not, people know what direction they should be heading in. However, they are too scared to take action or have been dissuaded by others. Why? Because usually those people have given up on their own dreams. As children we were great dreamers! The risks were merely challenges. Failures were only feedback. But as we grew up that growth mindset was beaten out of us. We are told by people who want to help us out that dreaming is all well and good but we need to get realistic. Therein lies the problem.

We are made to believe that we should be doing something else. How demoralising and demotivating! Don’t buy into their story.

Dreaming is about bringing your heart and mind together to create a vision for your life that is beyond your current reality. Go after those dreams!

However, I know that it isn’t always that straight forward.

Sometimes we start with an interest which develops into a daydream. However, we all know that daydreaming can be strongly discouraged. Particularly by adults. If your daydream isn’t stamped all over it can then become a strong desire and craving for something. The good news is that desire exists for you. It is YOUR dream, YOUR desire and will have your own nuances and preferences. Please don’t let anyone take that away from you. Don’t buy into the generations of people not believing in their dreams. They are the people who, albeit sometimes unintentionally, can squash yours.

Move in the direction of your dreams!

Don’t be afraid of them just because they are huge compared to your current reality. After all, they are dreams! Embrace them, open your mind to them and see what happens. We are here to support you in the pursuit of your dreams in any way we can. Get some inspiration from these quotes features in Inc.

Here’s an idea…start by journaling. Write about your thoughts, feelings and emotions  relating to your dreams. Write about the baby step you can take today that will move you closer to to them. Do that every day and make it a positive habit. Have a look at our post on creating your dream life for extra encouragement!

We would love you to comment below and let us know how we can support you to move toward your dreams.


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