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We’ve failed….and we’re excited!

Yes, you read that right. We’ve failed and boy are we excited!

Our second Kickstarter campaign kicked off on Tuesday 18th October.  With one very successful Kickstarter under our belt we set ourselves an ambitious funding target this time round. Surely our next campaign would be even more successful, we thought. We literally were working day and night in the lead up to the campaign. Our Kickstarter page looked fantastic. Feedback from our backers had been inspirational. We had a recipe for success, right? Wrong!  We experienced failure by ending up achieving only 26% of the target we set. What a flop!

We should be downhearted and demotivated now shouldn’t we? Well, many would. But, not us!

168 amazing people pledged to receive our redesigned Core Journal with a number of those being previous Kickstarter backers. Amazing! We are so grateful to everyone who supported us. The hours spent analysing where we may have gone wrong. The feedback on our campaign. The words of encouragement about us and our mission. They’ve all helped us to learn so much. How could that possibly be failure?

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently” ~ Henry Ford

Success starts with failure

The most successful people have all failed. They all know how important failure has been for their learning. Here’s Richard Branson’s take on his greatest failures. In this video Tim Ferriss even talks about conditioning yourself for failure!

We see our journey being no different. We have taken all the learning on board and are more determined than ever to help people to live more meaningful, purposeful and happy lives!

What’s next?

We have heard so many inspiring stories from our backers about how our journal and modules have helped them to achieve amazing things. Therefore, we simply can’t give up on those who have pledged to receive our redesigned journal. So, drum roll please…..

We’re SO excited to announce that we will be bringing you a similar range of awards through the  website. This includes the black and gold core journals, online community and an exciting new 28 Day Journaling Challenge starting in the new year!

Be sure to check them out!

With much gratitude,

Scott and Andrew



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