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Giving feels good!

Giving feels good!

At the time of their golden wedding anniversary, I always remember asking my amazing parents what the secret of their successful marriage was. Their answer was to always try to give more than they receive from each other. That is something that has always stuck with me. As my wife and I approach our 7th wedding anniversary we can hand on heart say that we’ve done our best to follow their example and are equally as happy. Giving feels good!

Psychology of giving

Tony Robbins talks a lot about why human beings do what they do. In this article he describes the six fundamental needs that he believes everyone has in common. One of those is contribution. He describes contribution as a sense of service and focus on helping, giving to and supporting others.  Here’s a 5 minute video of Tony talking very emotionally about how giving sparked a positive change in his own life. Giving changes lives and it comes back to you. So, what is the psychology of giving? This interesting Psychology Today article talks about the connection between giving and the brain.

How can you give?

Perhaps the suggestion that giving contributes to happiness is something that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. We have all experienced the warm feeling of giving to others and the appreciation of receiving. That’s why we have included ‘Give’ as one of the Life Maps exercises in our new Core Journal. It provides you with the opportunity to explore ways in which you can give to others and allows you to create actionable steps to increase your happiness through giving.

So, we would encourage you to consider the ways in which you can give to yourself and others.

How can you be more generous to yourself?

How do you already give to your family and friends?

What other ways would you like to give to other people or causes?

How could you turn those desires into actionable steps?

We would love you to share your thoughts and intentions so please be sure to comment below!


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