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How do you want to grow as a person?

Grow as a person

As someone who has ‘Learner’ as one of my top 5 Gallup strengths it’ll come as no surprise that I’m a big advocate of enhancing our lives through learning and growing. That’s also why we have included Growth within the Life Maps section of our Core Journal. One of my biggest bugbears when in corporate world was the fact that when workloads started to get busy, time for personal development dramatically reduced. Albeit learning on the job is can be an effective way of learning. However, I chose to own my personal growth and took opportunities to grow as a person within and outwith work as much as possible. Taking ownership is key. It’s YOUR growth. YOUR life. OWN it!

Why is personal growth so important?

Now there’s a question! We don’t need fixed, we’re all amazing after all! However, by focusing on things that you would like to improve within yourself and your life you can significantly enhance your feelings of happiness and fulfilment. Our recent blogs on being the person you want to be, giving and contribution and the benefits of having a bucket list all provide guidance and ideas on different ways to grow as a person. There is so much scope for us all to to develop – mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually…the list goes on! So where do you start?

What are your priorities?

So, when you consider that rather large list of ways in which you can grow what comes up for you as the most important?

How do you feel when you think about that area at the moment? What are the reasons for you feeling that way?

Given that, how would you like to grow and develop in that area? Why is that important to you?

What would progress and success look like?

If you were to build out a roadmap of actions to get you where you want to go to, what would that look like? When would you do them?

What support do you need? If you had a team of champions helping you along the way who would be in that team?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

Hopefully, some questions to kickstart your thought process and get you started on your journey.

Be compassionate

Whilst it’s wonderful to grow as a person the process isn’t about putting pressure on yourself. Take every challenge or bump along the road as learning. Don’t attach yourself to negative thinking. See it as just that and re-frame it in a positive way. If one thing doesn’t work look for other ways and opportunities. Be compassionate towards yourself. Be your own champion.


In every blog we advocate journaling. The act of taking time away from the ‘busyness’ of phones, emails and Facebook to put your thoughts and feelings down on paper is incredibly cathartic and insightful. You can then turn those insights into action. If you don’t already we’d recommend you start journaling now and have put together this free guide to help you get started.

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