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Life is too short!

Life is too short!!

‘Life is too short. You only live once!”. Yep, it’s true, life can be too short. However, when I hear people saying that I often wonder if it is simply a passing comment or a genuine trigger to focus more on the stuff that’s really important in their life?

So, if you knew tomorrow was going to be your last day what would you do today? What are you big dreams and aspirations? What would you love to say you’ve experienced?

Even thinking on a more practical day-to-day level, it is important to take time for the things you enjoy in life. Particularly, if you suffer from stress or anxiety as depending on the activity it can help you to feel relaxed or energised.

Life experiences

Here’s 5 great reasons why it’s helpful to create a bucket list (and then take action to complete it, obviously!)

  1. 1. Self-reflection: It forces you to really think about what you want in life. Don’t get caught up in the hum drum of day-to-day, take a step back and stay aligned to your goals and dreams
  2. 2. Motivation: Rather than simply going through the motions or the daily grind isn’t it so much more motivating and inspiring to be doing the things that excite you?
  3. 3. Momentum: Who wants to let life pass you by when you could be doing the things you love? When you tick one thing off and see the next cool item on your list then you’re going to want to keep going
  4. 4. Creativity: When you have amazing experiences written down but you’re not quite sure how to go about achieving them then chances are you’ll get creative. Engage right brain and be prepared for taking alternative routes to accomplish your goals
  5. 5. Happiness: Following your passions, experiencing amazing things, living purposefully. What’s not to love? You’re certainly going to feel happier!


Creating a bucket list is often one of those things that you hear people doing due to unfortunate circumstances. To some people it seems like a silly concept. It doesn’t have to be like that. Especially when it brings with it all these amazing benefits. Maybe it’s crazy not to have a bucket list!

Start now! Start compiling your list and get creative! We even have a section on life experiences within the Core Journal to help you mind map the things that you’d love to do.

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