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5 steps to help you take action NOW!

You know you should be taking action but it’s just not happening. You know that unless you get yourself into gear nothing will EVER change. However, something is holding you back. It might be lack of self belief, analysis paralysis or even lack of clarity around what steps you could take. Whatever your reason, here are some steps you can take to start building momentum.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment

Stop waiting until you think it’s the perfect time to take action and focus on the benefits to yourself or others. Your WHY is key and that’s what can help you to get going and stay on track.  Use that to help get out of your own head.

Get clear on what you want

What does your ideal outcome look and feel like? Use all your senses to visualise it as clearly as possible. Consider how you will know when you’ve achieved your goal. Work backwards from there by identifying the key milestones that will get you from where you are to achieving your vision.

Take small steps

You don’t need to map out every single step but do identify what your first step will be. And this doesn’t have to be anything major. It’s simply ONE STEP to get you started.  What could that be for you? Then once completed maintain momentum by considering what the next most important action is for you.

Take action daily

If this matters to you, if your why is really important then you need discipline and the willingness to keep showing up. You need to want to keep working away. Schedule time in your calendar, make that commitment to yourself or those you are helping. Build positive habits along the way to help create momentum. What can you do every day as a matter of course that will help you? Add that to your calendar as well.

Stay within your belief zone

Make more progress than you ever thought you could by stepping out your comfort zone and into your belief zone. You’ll be familiar with the term comfort zone but perhaps not ‘belief zone’. It simply means to do things that you perhaps haven’t don’t before but believe you can achieve. For more on this check out our article Step Out of your Comfort Zone. Push yourself to make progress with confidence and belief in yourself!

If you do all of that then you’ll stop procrastinating. You’ll feel a deep satisfaction from achieving and making progress. That will then drive you forward and you’ll want to keep going.

No excuses….start NOW!

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