Our (Big) Why

We’re on a mission!

Our mission and huge ‘why’ is to help people focus their thoughts and actions to create a purposeful and fulfilling life. We believe that effective journaling is keystone to achieving this.

For this purpose we’ve created Journal.Life as a place to share our knowledge on the subject of journaling, and also create a community around this important habit and how it can boost all of our capacities through personal development.

Hailing from Scotland, we found that the practice of journaling, and all the benefits it brings, has yet to get a stronghold on the radar of the general public. We hope to change this by providing insights and tools to make the process as useful and rewarding as possible. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning!

We seek to provide value through our free eBook, Start Your Journal Life, and our blog here on the website. However, our most powerful took is our journal, Journal Life. Visit our Kickstarter page to learn more, and get your hands on the system!

Make sure to come and find us on social media to share in the conversation. We love to hear from you! We also share useful tips for journaling and living intentionally on a regular basis. You’ll also receive notifications when our latest blog posts are published.

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