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Are you set to fail?

Please don’t set yourself up to fail in 2017!

We’ve got to December so it’s a great time for reflection!  What’s gone well? What’s not gone so well?

For Journal Life we’ve had a year of highs and lows – the success of our launch on Kickstarter, going live on Amazon, the redesign of our Core Journal and kicking off our next module. Mixed with the massive low of our 2nd Kickstarter campaign flopping!

Such was the low it would have been very easy to take the foot off the brakes. Potentially, even throw the towel in completely! All sorts of emotions come up when you’re facing up to failure – fear, anxiety, frustration and doubt – and they have certainly come up for us.

You know the internal chat. Can we do this? How do we pick ourselves up? What if it doesn’t work out again? That pesky little voice in our head gradually getting louder and louder! The consequence so often is to be pull back your efforts.

NO! Don’t start playing small! It’s SO important….

Playing small

Having aspirations that aren’t challenging effectively means reverting back to your comfort zone. And we know that nothing truly life changing ever happens there! It isn’t usually particularly inspiring and not that memorable. We remember the BIG achievements. The ones that required some risk, commitment and dedication. Those are the achievements that you will never forget!

Play big!

Playing big can be done in a way that isn’t too scary or overwhelming as explained in our article ‘Step out of your comfort zone into your belief zone’. The article outlines how you can make progress towards big goals and dreams in a way that is manageable and achievable.

So what are your biggest dreams? What is that thing that you don’t think is possible? THAT’S what to focus on!

Don’t get me wrong. Your old friend, the little voice within you, will start talking to you again. However, you can’t afford to play small. You deserve to accomplish goals that will truly make a difference.

Check out this great video from Les Brown on how YOU have the power to change your life!

Dream BIG and start taking action NOW!

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