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Who are you?

Who are you? Great question, huh!

It’s amazing to think that it’s almost 3 years ago now since Andrew and I first discussed the idea of creating a pen and paper journal! Wow, time flies when you’re running a start up!

Our first major decision was digital versus analogue. The learning and experience of putting pen to paper or the convenience of digital? Based on our own experiences of journaling pen and paper just felt write. We then set about creating a framework to help people take action and provide space for self-reflection and insights. Journaling is all about looking inside ourselves. Life from the inside-out. Our deepest thoughts. However, shining a light on ourselves isn’t always easy. Especially if it sparks thoughts like, “who the hell am I?”.

There are so many voices out there telling us who to be, how to behave and what to do. Including our own! So, how do we really get to know ourselves? And how do you then use that insight to get what you want in your life and career?

We believe there are 4 cornerstone elements that will help you to dig a bit deeper. With our next journal being on how to build a meaningful career, we’ll be using that as the context for each element.

Your Beliefs

Our beliefs are what we hold to be true. They are usually based on the meaning that we attach to something or someone. That means that often they are not based on fact or reality, they’re simply our thoughts and perceptions.  Life through our own lens, if you like. So why are beliefs an important consideration when it comes to navigating your career?

How many times have you caught yourself looking at a job spec saying, “I can’t do that!!”? There’s a very good chance that at some point in time you have or will utter those words. Holding that belief could be holding you back from potential opportunities, perhaps even your dream job. Now that really would suck, wouldn’t it?

Interestingly, I recently read an article which quoted research that Hewlett Packard carried out internally back in 2014. The research highlighted that men apply for jobs when they meet 60% of the qualifications whereas women only applied if they met 100%. The key message being shared on the back of the research was to encourage women to have more belief in themselves.

However, remember, they’re just thoughts and not reality. Take ownership and challenge your own limiting beliefs. How would you counter-argue them? How can you re-frame those thoughts into something more empowering?

We believe in you!

Your Values

Often people get confused between beliefs and values. Understandably as they are very closely linked.

Our values stem from our beliefs. They are the things that we deem to be important. They’re like our compass, keeping us on track if we hold true to them and knocking us off course if we don’t. Therefore, knowing what truly matters to us can be extremely useful when it comes to navigating our careers.

That’s why you probably won’t find too many vegetarians who are butchers or authors who really don’t like writing.

So what’s important to you in life and in your career?

What emotions do you want to feel at work?

What would give you those emotions when you are at work? What energises you?

Your Strengths

Knowing your natural talents, strengths, skills, knowledge, experience and passions is one thing. Maximising them is another. However, step one is knowing and appreciating them. You are then in a better position to utilise them.

What are your strengths? Go ahead and list them out.

Do you feel you are making the most of your strengths in your career?

How could you use them more?

What are you doing when you completely lose track of time, when you’re in the zone and everything is just flowing?

What could you get involved in that would fulfil you more but perhaps isn’t part of your day job?

It feels incredibly satisfying when you’re in a state of flow. That’s where you want to be as much of the time as possible.

Your Vision  

Having a destination in mind and a strong reason WHY can be a powerful driver. That’s what keeps you moving forward even when you’re struggling. Being clear about what you want will set your subconscious mind off, noticing opportunities to make progress. So the more clarity you have the better. Even down to connecting with your senses.

If you were in your dream job where would you be working?

What does it look like?

What sounds do you hear?

What are the smells and sensations when you’re there?

What would your ideal day be? When would you start and finish?

Who would you be working with?

Really bring your vision to life.

We like to talk about these 4 elements – that’s why we they became our Foundation Modules after all! Hopefully, you can now see how they relate to your career as well.

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