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Step out of your comfort zone, into your belief zone

Stepping into your belief zone was one of the important steps outlined in our article Fulfil Your Dreams for growing as a person and achieving your big dreams. Stepping out of your comfort zone and into your belief zone can be daunting, but by taking the right steps it is possible to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Let’s look at what the belief zone is, and why you would want to be there.

Why do I need to move outside my comfort zone?

Most of us know our comfort zones very well. Our comfort zone is where we are familiar with the experiences that we go through each day, and plan for ourselves. We are comfortable with them. It’s easier in there. Until a niggling feeling makes you realise that here is not where you grow. Then the comfort zone can start to feel incredibly restrictive.

What happens if we have been sitting in our comfort zone but want to move forward in certain areas of our lives? More often than not we know what we need to do but we won’t take the required steps to do it. The reason is nearly always fear – or more precisely, lack of belief. That is why most people find it so difficult to move out of their comfort zones.

One way to get from your comfort zone to a place of growth and success could be the, “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” tactic.  I wouldn’t dismiss this approach as it can be highly effective if you can summon up the courage to do it. However, the process doesn’t need to be quite so dramatic or traumatic. Instead, I always encourage my clients to think about expanding their comfort zone. After all, if your comfort zone is always expanding then you must be experiencing new things. The area outside of your comfort zone where you experience new things is your belief zone.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

~ Tony Robbins

Focus on your belief zone

The first step is to stop focusing on your comfort zone. The more you think about it the harder it will be to move away from it. Instead focus your attention on your belief zone. It might be easier to understand if the process is mapped out.

1) We will assume that you are clear on your current reality and your vision or goal, where you are now and where you want to get to.

2) In between both of those are your comfort zone, your belief zone and your disbelief zone.

3) We already know that your comfort zone is where your previous experiences are. They are the things you know.

4) Beyond that are the areas that consist of things you haven’t experienced yet. This is your belief zone and disbelief zone.

5) Map out the small steps that will get you from where you are now to achieving your goal. Write them down as step 1, 2, 3 etc.

6) Go through one step at a time and starting with step 1 ask yourself, “Do I believe I can achieve this first step?” If the answer is yes then it sits within your belief zone. Move on to step 2 and ask yourself the same question.

7) Continue to follow this process until you reach a step that you don’t believe you can achieve. You may have to trust your initial response and gut instincts to make that decision. Anything from this step onwards sits within your disbelief zone as you do not believe you can achieve it.

8) Stop the process here and focus on the steps before. They are within your belief zone. You may feel nervous because you are looking at new experiences, but you do not feel fear. Fear cannot exist in the presence of belief. You know that you can achieve these steps!

9) Starting with step 1 complete the actions within your belief zone. With every step you complete your level of belief increases. If steps 1 to 3 are within your belief zone, by the time you accomplish step 3 then step 4 becomes much more achievable for you despite the fact it was previously in your disbelief zone when you started out.

10) At this point, you comfort zone expands to include steps 1 to 3. Starting with step 4, you can now repeat the process of asking yourself, “Do I believe I can achieve the next step?” and continue expanding your belief zone until you reach the point of completing all your steps and achieving your vision.

Congratulations! You have just expanded your comfort zone all the way to your biggest dreams!

What makes this process even more exciting is that the more action you take the more your belief expands and starts to take in more possibilities and opportunities. The more you then find yourself capable of doing. You become much more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

The following articles from Lifehacker and Huffington Post help to explain the science behind stepping out of your comfort zone and provide some additional tips on how to do it.

Focus on your belief zone, not you comfort zone. Allow yourself to expand your beliefs exponentially and see yourself grow.

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